How to Choose the Best Wireless Headphones for you? | asmpick

Of all the gadgets that affect quality of life, Headphones & Earphones are pretty close if not at the top of the list. We run with them on our ears, take them to bed, we put them on trains and planes - some of us even eat, drink and go to bed with headphones. Our point? A good pair of headphones can improve your quality of life and a not so good pair? a little less.

So keep reading and we will help you understand how to choose the best headphones for you.


  • How will you use the headphones? Are you looking for headphones that do not fall off when you run? Or headphones blocking the world on a crowded plane? The point: the way you plan to use your headphones will affect the type you should buy and there are several types.


  • What kind of headphones do you want? Headphones on the ear land on your ears, while headphones over the ear cover the entire ear. Although in-ear headphones are not the best in terms of audio quality, you can do fitness with them - and they will not fall.


  • Do you want wired or wireless headphones? Wires = a powerful and full signal, always, but you remain bound to your device (cell phone, MP3, computer, etc.). Wireless = you are free to move and run, even dance to the sounds of your favorite music, but sometimes the signal is not 100%. (Although most wireless headphones come with a cable, so you enjoy both worlds).


  • Do you want open or sealed headphones? Opaque headphones effectively seal the headphones from the outside world. Open headphones come with holes or special openings so you can hear what is happening around you. Close your eyes and the first couple will make sure you stay inside your world, with nothing but music. The second type plays your music, but does not disconnect you from the world, a bit like listening to music on a system.


  • Choose a reliable brand. We have collected for you the best models on the market from the best brands.
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